I Am Using Storyboards To Help Me Write My First Novel

I am working on writing a novel for the very first time. I have taken a lot of writing courses in college and enjoy writing very much. I was encouraged to give writing a novel a try by a professor that I had. The professor liked my creative writing and encouraged me to get serious about writing a novel. One thing that I do that has helped me with the creative process is to use storyboards. When I am creating a scene in my head it makes it easier for me if I use a storyboard.

I am able to draw out the scene in storyboard form. This helps me organize the story better. I love writing, and have found that using storyboards helps me envision my own work. I am hopeful that I will be able to finish my novel this year. It is definitely a work in progress, and is very time consuming. I will continue to draw out the scenes from my novel on storyboards. The storyboards are very effective and help me keep my creativity flowing. Writing a novel for the first time is an exciting and challenging experience for me. I’m glad that I have incorporated using storyboards in my writing. I’m hopeful that my novel will be a success.

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