Some 4K Stock Footage Shows Off Our New Displays

My high-end electronics store was doing well in general, but we had been having something of a difficulty impressing upon our customers the desirability of our latest line of products. HD TVs had been a big hit years earlier, but they had become so mainstream that most went to big-box stores to pick up new ones. We had begun carrying the next evolution of that technology—displays which had resolutions of nearly four times the resolution of HD TVs—but were having trouble showing them off to best effect. Sure that our customers would enjoy these new pieces of technology once they saw them for what they were, we decided to put together some demo reels of our own using 4k stock footage.

Fortunately, this was easily tracked down, with a number of Internet-based suppliers offering video in such incredibly high resolutions. Wanting clips that would be attention-getters as customers walked by our selection of displays in store, we focused on a getting a lot of 4k stock footage of natural scenes such as dramatic mountains and crashing ocean waves, and mixed these in with some high-impact action footage of sports events and such. The five-minute loop that we put together with this stock footage definitely made an impression on our clients, and we started fielding many more questions about these new displays

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