How To Lock Your Car Door Without A Key?

Here's an overview of the ways you can unlock your car's door without the use of a key. These suggestions range from basic methods to more sophisticated ones and also need expert advice at Emergency Lockout in Los Angeles.
If you've locked your keys inside the car or been unable to locate them, would like to know how you can unlock the door of your car. Being able to open your car door with no key could help you save time and effort.

Modern cars are becoming more and more secure which is great however it can cause problems when you lose your car keys and you need to access your car. Here are some ways that you could try to unlock the car door without keys:

1. Car App

Many car makers offer applications that can help you enter your car. If you own an ultramodern GM car the app could function as an electronic remote fob to assist you in finding the car, and even make the alarm sound. If the car has a remote starter, this app could help you start the motor.

2. Wedge

Another option to think about. Find something that is thin and can serve to create a wedge. Utilizing a tool to pry you can pull the car doors up and then stick your wedge in. Many people prefer to have an inflatable wedge set in their homes as it's a well-known auto-entry tool. This can keep the car door frame in place.


From here, you'll more easily access the lock by using the items below. No matter if you're using the coat hanger or windshield wiper, or antenna, this step allows you to gain access to the area, however, it will take a few moments of your time. If you're having trouble accessing the lock using the methods you used before, this step is to test if this helps.

3. Coat Hanger

In the past, everybody used the coat hanger trick and it's still in use today. Unravel the coat hanger made of metal using two pliers. What you need is one side that's hooked while the rest is straight.

You can slide the hook of your coat hanger through the window by sliding it through the stripping that covers it. Once it is inside your vehicle, try to press the button to unlock it or pull the lever on an automatic lock till the door opens.

4. Antenna

If you own an older vehicle there is a chance that you still be equipped with an antenna. It can be beneficial to utilize. Just remove an antenna from the vehicle, and prepare to use it the same way you would a coat hanger.

Place the antenna in the car and through the stripping of weather. You can move it around until you reach the lock on your door. If it's a lock that is manual it may be necessary to play with it. If it's a power lock, it will be easy to open.

5. String/Shoelace

What should you do when you don't have anything that is rigid enough to open the vehicle? Many people have success with shoelaces or strings. Both of these objects can be utilized similarly.


Create a slip knot using the string or shoelace. It should have a loop about the diameter of the index finger. Then, wiggle the string and place it in the top right-hand part of the window. Be sure to hold the string in both hands. Be sure to move it slowly between two places, similar to as you floss your teeth. While doing this, it'll naturally lower towards the lock.

6. Tennis Ball

If you're in need of a last-ditch effort, you could consider trying the tennis ball technique. It's likely that this method will not be as successful as the other method. If you manage to make it work this is pretty cool.

Use a screwdriver or an electric drill to make holes in the tennis ball. The holed area is placed over the keyhole on your door. Then, start pressing into the ball. The pressure is generated within the ball, which is supposed to force your car's door to open.

7. Select The Lock

The easiest method of opening the car door with keys is to grab the lock. But, this can't be accomplished by anyone who doesn't have the proper knowledge. If you've tried every one of these approaches and still haven't succeeded, it is possible to call a Car Locksmith who can unlock the car door for you.